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Brand Story

Romantic Story of FESHFEN Brand- Inspired by Fantastic Love

FESHFEN brand was originated in Xuchang, Henan, which was known as the cradle of hair products in China.The brand founder Hu Yaokunwas born in anordinary family of Henan. His parents were both barbers and ran barbershop from generation to generation, earning a good reputation for their skilled craft. After failing in the National College Entrance Examination in 1998, Hu Yaokun decided to follow his father's footsteps - being a hairdresser in their barbershop. At the very beginning, the shop was like any other barbershops in the small town which were only responsible for local hair service such as daily washing, haircutting and blowing. Everything was changed in his twenties,when Hu Yaokun met Chrisfen - a modern Chinese girl who just came back from America.

Chrisfen pursued fashionable and various hairstyles, and she was so satisfied with her new hair style designed by Hu Yaokun. Soon she became a frequent visitor in the store. Every time Chrisfen returned to China, she would definitely patronizeHu Yaokun's barbershop for a new haircut.

In late 1990s,Chrisfen’s classmates in America would have their hair dyed and their dressing style differed. However, Chrisfen preferred oriental culture and natural beauty, so she insisted on no-perming and no-coloring, which made Hu Yaokun so obsessed with it!After morecontacts with Chrisfen, Hu Yaokun fell in love with this charming and stylish girl, but Chrisfen seemed innocent, so Hu had to hide his feelings in his heart.

In March 2002, Chrisfen came to Hu Yaokun's shop with a sad face because of a broken relationship, and she made a decision to cut off her long hair. Hu Yaokun looked at the falling hairs on the floor with sorrow. He was captivated by these fabulous black hairs, so he kept them in an old wooden box unnoticed along with his deep love for Chrisfen.

Opportunities favor those who are prepared. In 2003, Chrisfen came to Hu Yaokun's shop again, revealing that she had a tough time this year. She regretted cutting off her precious long hair which she took care for years - it would never grow back in such a short time. Hu Yaokun took out his private collection in the wooden box with some hesitation, while Chrisfen was surprised to seethem in the box.It was exactly her hairs! She couldn't wait to get them back on her right now. Hu Yaokun looked at her wistful eyes and couldn't bear to let her down, so he consulted his experienced father on how to get the hairs back.A great idea came to his mind after confirmation with his father.Hu Yaokun flexibly weaved the hairs manually into a pieces that were previously prepared. Then he joined the pieces together using the invisible bonding technology. Hair weaving was a skilled job requiring patience, perseverance and good eyesight. Hu Yaokun worked around the clock on the hairs and finally he attached the falling hairs successfully with Chrisfen's current hairand they just perfectly matched. Hu Yaokun's effort captured Chirsfen's heart eventually.At that time, the seed of constantly striving for perfection begun to sprout.

Growth History of FESHFEN Brand--Beautiful Transformation Generated by Cultural Collision

At the beginning of the 21st century, wigs and hair accessories became one of the fashion icons. In 2005, Hu Yaokun established the first hair salon in Xuchang, mainly offering hair extensions, wigs and hair accessories. This salon was named FESHFEN, which was inspired by two words - 'Chrisfen' and "'Freshen'. 'Chrisfen', of course, the name of his wife; 'Freshen', originated from the word "Freshen", which means 'fresh and pure', expressing a girl with refreshing look.

In FESHFEN salon, you could choose and try on different wigs and hair extensions. Besides, Hu Yaokun would design the most suitable hairstyle for each customer according to their unique face shapes. It quickly became a fashion trend so lots of young people came here to experience the charm of wigs. Chrisfen told Hu Yaokun that many of her classmates in Orlando came to salon to style and color their hair frequently for different occasions, so their original healthy hairwastortured just like dry grass. So styling with hair extended was definitely the way to go, for it avoids damaging the original hair. America was known as one of the biggest wigs and hair accessories markets in the world, and the pursuit for beauty became more and more personalized. It took too much time and energy to prepare a delicate hairstyle for a grand party or a special date.So wearing wigs was well accepted due to the convenience and creativity brought by wigs. At the same time, the vast application of wig wearing by popular stars in different occasions drove up the popularity of wigs. For example, the famous pop star Michael Jackson showed his faithful loyalty to wigs and you could see him and his wigs in most events he attended, like concerts and conferences.

Hu Yaokun decided to advance his hairdressing craft, so he went to the beautiful and livable city--Orlando with his wife Chrisfen. Hu Yaokun collected thousands kinds of hair data there, including color, quality, porosity, hair flow direction, etc. After a series of researches like comparing, analyzing and testing, the wigs finally came out, which well cateredEuropean fancy.

In 2012, Hu Yaokun came back and established his own hair & beauty brand FESHFEN in China, then set up branch stores around the country. The design concept of FESHFEN was originated from the combination of Eastern and Western hairdressingstyles. It could shape any hairstyle whether it was elegant straight black hairor fashionable curly/wavy blonde hair. Whatever skin color or face shape, FESHFEN could achieve natural look according to the hair condition and preference of different customers. FESHFEN Hair showed that wigs could be applied in any occasion and help to achieve fabulous look anytime you want.

Brand Slogan: Your hair, your beauty.