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How to Wear Nail Tip Hair Extensions

1.Part a horizontal section of the hair with a rat-tail comb, starting at the nape of the hair. Separate the front part of the hair and secure it with a hair clip or pony tail holder.
2.Before applying, you need to take measures to protect your natural hair. Grab a small amount of the hair, about the width of the hair extension, and place the shield around the hair at the root.
3.Put the hair extension under the real hair and use about one finger's length between glue and scalp. Then use hair extension iron and melt the keratin bonding glue.
4.Remove the iron and use your fingers to roll the melted glue around the hair extensions to bond the extensions to the hair.
5.Continue the process until you have completed the whole head. Stop when you reach the crown of the head. Leave the natural hair out around the edges, because this will be used to hide the fusion extensions.