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How to Wear Tape In Hair Extensions

1.Section the hair from ear to ear parted into straight lines, like you would while coloring or trimming. Ideally, pin up the remaining hair, so that it doesn't interfere with the application process.

2.Place another layer of the hair extension over your natural hair in such a way that your hair is sandwiched between two layers of hair extensions. With your fingers and thumb or a styling iron, press down the two layers, so that they stick together to form one layer.

3.Remember that the tape will stick to the other tape and not to your hair; so, the rule is to keep the natural hair section as thin as possible. This will allow the tape to be visible from beneath, thus, allowing it to stick to the next layer of extension.

4.For better results, leave a portion of the tape free so as to have it overlap over the next extension, to give it a better grip. Avoid washing or wetting your hair for the next 48 hours to allow the tape to bond together for a long-lasting effect.

5.To ensure that the hair extensions stay firmly attached to the hair for a longer period of time, remember to firmly press them down using a warm styling/straightening iron.