200pcs Micro Silicone Rings Hair Extensions Kit I-tip Hair Pliers Micro Pulling Hook Needle Loop Threader And Micro Silicone Links(black)


The color of the rings: black

  • The color of the rings: black
  • The size of the rings:5.0×3.0x3.0 mm
  • The rings are with silicone inside, the quantity is 200 pcs
  • The 2 needles are wooden handle, one is hook needle and the other is pulling needle
  • For one bid , you will get 1 piece I tip pliers + 1 pulling needle +1 hook needle +200 pcs silicone rings

5 Colors Each 200pcs, black, blonde, brown, dark blonde, dark brown, gray blonde, light brown


1000 Count (Pack of 1), 200pcs silicone rings, 500pcs silicone rings

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