28 “fascinating long orange wavy pastel hair light hall wigs for women girls costume cosplay party party


Basic information of the wig: cosplay blonde wig, wavy long wig and curls (kind reminder: light color difference between the different monitors).

  • Basic information of the wig: cosplay blonde wig, long wavy wig and curls (kind reminder: slight color difference between the different monitors).
  • Note: due to the extrusion during Packaging or during transport, the wig could be out of shape when receiving. Don’t worry, please take one or two minutes to comb it, or use an electric hair auction to straighten it, it will be the same shown in the image. medium size (57.1 cm of circumference). There are 2 adjustment straps on the two sides of the wig, which can be intertwined in a fixed position to adapt to different sizes of the head. This black wig is also suitable for children and girls.
  • perfect for many occasions: suitable for daily life, for disguises, halloween, appointments, weddings, parties and any scene. Choose it, you could also as a best gift for your friends, parents, yourself and for your loved ones.
  • Content of the package: 1 cosplay blonde wig and 1 cap for wig.

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