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hair long hair Cosplay Theater Show Wave Black

hair long hair Cosplay Theater Show Wave Black


High quality synthetic fibers of heat resistant up to 130 ° C, washable, they look like ver ver

  • High quality heat -resistant synthetic fibers up to 130 ° C, washable, they look like hair ver
  • breathable mesh fabric, length: 80 cm, weight: 240 g
  • Circumference of the adjustable head of up to 58cm with an elastic rubber
  • Pettare after receipt to obtain the final shape and color. Hair residues can therefore be easily brushed away
  • for an optimal selection of color, we recommend comparison on different high resolution screens due to the different quality of reproduction

Bionda Naturale # 28t24 Wlr8, biondo chiaro #88T613 WLR11, biondo chiaro mix #613H86A WLY2, biondo marrone #33H613 WL111, biondo mix #1T24C W0101, biondo mix #27T613 WLR11a, biondo mix #27T613 WLR4, biondo platino #613 WLR12, biondo platino #613 WLR3, biondo rosa mix #613C/2311 WL101, bruna #33/30B WLR15, castano chiaro mix #12H34 WLR17, marrone chiaro #6T24 WLR2, marrone chiaro mix #12H613 WM101, marrone chiaro mix #12H613 WW101, marrone mix #30H27 WLY1, marrone rame #350 WLR16, marrone rosso mix #4T118 WL100, nero # 1B WLR5, nero #1B WLR10, rosso #113B WW102, rosso #113B/99J WLR1, rosso #39 WLR13, rosso fuoco #113B WLR7, rosso intenso #113B WLR14

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