N.L.W Men’s Wig Pu with lace toupee pieces of European Human Hair for men Hair Prosthesis Man 8 × 10 inch thin leather 0.06 centimeters thick men wigs in off black


10th European grade Virgin Human hair toupet for men 8*10 base.

  • 10th European Grade Virgin Human Hair Toupet for men 8*10 Base. of natural hair with single and light nodes of discoloration.
  • Super -end Swiss lace base in 8*10.
  • straight hair in 110% less average density.
  • < LI> Unlike other Toupees that are made of synthetic hair, this Toupee is made up of 100% Virgin European Happy Hair. It seems natural how your hair is extremely comfortable and easy to wear. This product is available in black jet, dark brown, light brown, 1b, 1b40, gold, black and gray, gray.


#1B off black, #1jet black, #2 dark brown, #4 light brown

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