Short blonde wig for short natural blonde woman pixie synthetic hair wig for women (blonde brown mix)


đŸŒșMaterial: High quality synthetic fiber resistant to heat, very suitable for long -term use.

  • đŸŒșMaterial: High quality synthetic fiber resistant to heat, very suitable for long -term use.
  • đŸŒș Short blonde hair: brown blonde mixture. Lowlight blond ash with stretching of the roots, the color of the wig will correspond to the color of your complexion, will make you more beautiful and sexy, just as healthy natural hair does.
  • Wig is tangled and crepu: the short blonde wig used a special job. The advantages of this special profession are: free, left, right or middle hair line; Keep your hair full and you don’t need lacquer; The pink lace net inside (instead of a glued scalp) looks more natural, breathable and comfortable.
  • đŸŒș specials for short hair: 1. Shake the wig 2 to 3 times to make the hair soft; 2. Use a comb to comb the hair on top of the head (the crown) from the root to the back to make the hair soft; 3. Use your hands to bring out the texture of the hair and you can vaporize a styling spray.
  • đŸŒș About the style: all the wigs are cut by hand, so that the hairstyle can be slightly Different from one lot to another, you can style this wig base according to your needs.
  • đŸŒș đŸŒș đŸŒștaille of the hat: average cap size (21 to 22.5 inches), adjustable internspin cup extensible For most people, the adjustment strip in the hat modifies the waterproofing.
  • đŸŒșOCCION: SHEET natural blonde woman wig gives you the perfect look for Halloween, the concerts, the theme evenings, the Weddings, meetings, cosplay and any other occasion, and brings you more confidence and charm. Create a nice day for you.
  • đŸŒș Service after-sales: we aim to satisfy all customers. We cherish cooperation with everyone. Online service 24 hours a day, after-sales service guarantee. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to help you.

A-Blond Mix Marron, B-Ombre Blonde Platine, C-Brun Chocolat, D-Brun Foncé, E-Mélanger Gris, F-Auburn Foncé, G-Gris Mixte Noir, H-Brun mélangé Blond, I-Brun Doré Clair, J-Blond cendré mix Blond de blanchiment, K-Noir Naturel, L-Gris mélangé Brun avec Frange Blanche, N-Mélange blond fraise

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